In Depth Publishing advocates that every business needs a website.  The internet has become a must in anyone’s marketing plan.  Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a retail store or provide a service, the internet is where a majority of your clients will find you.

Word of mouth is still one of the most trusted referral sources, but even these solid referrals will go the the internet and expect to  find you quickly.  What they find might be the determining factor whether they become your new client.

IDP’s reasons:

  1. Marketing the various products IDP promotes.
  2. Educate and guide those that may be unsure of what they need in a website.
  3. Employment!

The IDP site was built from a WordPress theme to showcase some of the basic features that are available:  interaction with user,  content management by site’s owner,  email forms and ecommerce.   If you have questions, please contact IDP.