Steamboat Minnehaha


Located 20 miles west of the Twin Cities, the Museum of Lake Minnetonka operates a 100+ year old steamboat, the Minnehaha. Built in 1906 and scuttled in 1926, the 70 foot wooden ‘streetcar boat’ was recovered from the bottom of Lake Minnetonka in 1980. Restoration was completed in 1996 and once again carries passengers. The museum operation is all-volunteer…including this webmaster.


The first goal was to get the story of the Minnehaha on the internet. Then it became a recruiting tool for volunteers, provide directions, contact information and schedule of operation. Finally, the online ticket sales were added which instantly became a tremendous success. The ability of being able to reserve seats doubled ridership. The steamboat carries over 10,000 passengers annually on its historically narrated cruises.


Museum of Lake Minnetonka