MSFrontPageMy first attempt at building a website in 2005 included MS FrontPage and tables. The site served its purpose – providing the directions and schedules for a nonprofit museum. The user’s expectations were not high at that time.  All they wanted was the basic information.  Times have changed!

Today the basic website is in the same category as a paper ‘Business Card’. Contact information, including phone number, address and email address, is presented in a straight forward manor with maybe a few visual treats and a contact form. For some types of business, this is all that is necessary.

However, most clients are looking for more bells and whistles!

One of the most frequent requests is for the ability to add fresh material to one’s own site without spending the time and money on a webmaster.  The name given to this type of site is CMS – Content Management System. CMS can be very expensive to develop and are often hosted by the company who sells the system. This ties you into not only paying for the programming of the site, but also high hosting fees.


In 2003 the game changed!

In 2003 WordPress came out with its open source content management system. At first it was thought of as no more than a blog which supported posts and comments. Soon its rock solid foundation attracted many followers and a huge development community. Widgets and Themes were added, which made it act and look more like a website than a blog. Since the code and database can be self hosted,  it is one of the most popular CMS websites today.

ThemeForest This site was created with a clean theme design from ThemeForest (affordable at $37!). Diving into the template and making it my own design was not as easy as it might look. A person needs a good understanding of CSS,  html,  databases, MySql, some php, widgets, plugins, working knowledge of a photo editor and patience. I found the results rewarding and look forward to designing more websites based on WP.